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Instead, we’d simply knock on our friend’s doors and say, “Is so&so allowed to come out and play? When we got a good group together, we’d play baseball or kickball in the street. When the cars rounded the corner, we’d scurry away as fast as we could. Our minds full of fantastical stories of bad guys chasing us, we decided we must build a tree house. In the summertime, we’d go 6, 7, 8 hours at a time without laying eyes on our parents. (As opposed to today where children walk the isles and demand shit until they get their every heart’s desire) I said to the children, “I’m going to go look the bath towels. As we stood by the pizza place in the food court, I approached them with a little proposition.

We’d use a whiffle ball instead of a real ball in order to prevent hurting anyone’s car. No one checked the temperature on the Internet to make sure it was warm enough to get wet. So we gathered up scrap pieces of old wood, rusty nails pulled out of rotting pieces of equipment, and a hammer someone nicked from their Father’s toolbox. Once the rickety house was complete, we’d climb up in it, careful to hold on to the branches in case the floor gave out beneath us. Sometimes we’d fall and rub the skin completely off of our bodies. If you want to stay here and look at the toys, I’ll be back to get you in 10 minutes.” As a child, I wouldn’t have even acknowledged this was a big deal. “You guys are free to go spend your money, but I’m not coming with you.” They blinked their eyes, confused. ” “I’ll be in the boring stores and I don’t plan to step foot in a single toy store. Not a single child has been kidnapped here in my lifetime.

Then, we’d muse to ourselves that we had not built it high enough. It was commonplace for me to split from my parents in department stores. So if you want to spend that $20, you’re going to have to go it alone.” The children were torn between the desire to spend the money that was burning a hole in their pocket and their preference to remain in the company of adults at all times. “We got to lay down some ground rules, though, before we split up. What if someone sees them walking alone and calls the police?

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