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The repertoire of the 16-member Northern Pearls Ensemble includes folksongs, round dances, ceremonial dances, traditional games, narratives,ditties, outdoor fetes and folk stories of northern Russia, accompaniedby an array of ancient folk instruments and various household utensilswhich double as musical instruments.Ten a cappella performers make up the Podserednie Ensemble, a grouporiginating from a village on the outskirts of the Tikhaya Sosna river.You can change your fate with the right information and guidance, plus a little bit of inspiration to get you back in the mood to go out on the hunt. It can really ruin your day and make you feel lousy.

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Their large repertoire includes wedding songs, epics (or spiritual ballads),soldiery, romances, laments, lyrical wailing dance songs and many others.

An all-woman singing group, the Dorozovsky Folk Ensemble, hails fromthe Bryansk region of Russia.

Fred Mawer looks at the ups - and some downs - of the year about to pass.

Powerful operators such as and are hard to ignore but the editors of the well-respected Good Hotel Guide argue that people should cut out the middleman, says Fred Mawer...Sick of enduring the seat pocket in your knees on a long haul flight?

Village performers learned their art from theirparents, who learned it from their ancestors.

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